Royal 804 Drink Machine

Royal 804 Drink Machine

This vending machine is equipped to accept $1 & $5 bills and vends a variety of cold drinks: energy drinks, juice, soda, and water packaged in 12-oz cans, 16-oz, 20-oz and 1 liter plastic bottles.

  • Dispenser: Can
  • Selection: 9
  • Model: RVCC 804-9
  • Power: 115 V


  • Equipment graphics feature the brands of The¬†Coca-Cola¬†Company
  • Equipment is designed to showcase and merchandise the portfolio of the products offered
  • All equipment is performance tested to ensure reliable delivery of quality product
  • Safety certified to UL 541
  • Constructed to deter theft/vandalism
  • Flexible for the inclusion of multiple payment systems
  • Supported by specially trained service personnel
  • Many models are ENERGY STAR certified and feature HFC free insulation*

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