RS800 / RS850 Combo Machine

RS800 / RS850 Combo Machine

The Fortune Resources RS-800/850 Combo Vending Machine is a great option when you need to vend food and beverages with one compact machine. While being stylish and compact it offers a large variety of selections. It offers 3 rows of snack options totaling 20 different varieties and 6 different drink selections. It can vend bottles and cans of different heights and competing brand names such as Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull, Gatorade, or water bottles too.

The machine contains a Dollar Bill Validator which accepts $1 & $5 bills. The coin unit will accept nickels, dimes, quarters. It features a removable cooling unit. It is ruggedly built for high traffic indoor locations. The RS-800/850 combo machine uses over-sized motors and field-proven electronics and controls to insure reliability. It has heavy duty wheels on the bottom to make it easy to move around. It has the capability to vend more than one selection per purchase. It is energy efficient, easy to use and will be an attractive addition to your business.


  • Vends 20 different snack selections for a total of 180 snacks or food items
  • Vends 6 different drink selections of various sizes for a total of 177 drinks
  • Credit card reader Not included but can be added in the future
  • Features pull out trays for easy loading
  • Contains heavy duty wheels on the bottom simple transport

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